A Wedding Speech

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Before I start the speech, I think we all agree that (Bride`s name) looks absolutely stunning today. (Groom`s name), I think you’ve done extremely well, you’ve found someone who’s beautiful, clever, charming, funny, loving and caring. And (Bride`s name), well, you’ve got (Groom`s name).Read more

Physical & Digital Interaction

As humans we need to express our ideas, attitudes, knowledge, emotions and habits to rest of the world. So we directly meet other people and express those using our five senses as usual. It is a 100% practical method to identify the quality of the audience and their real expectations...Read more

My family is my life

Family is the smallest unit of the society. It includes father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa and so on. In the modern world, the family is limited to father, mother and son or daughter. The hidden values or the meanings of family which are not clearly identified by the modern...Read more