Hamlet is the longest play written by William Shakespeare. (During the period of 1599 – 1602) It is a tragedy. The incident mentioned in the play was taken place in Denmark kingdom.

The story is based on the revenge of prince Hamlet against his Uncle Claudius. Claudius had murdered his brother, who was the father of prince Hamlet as well as the king of Denmark. After killing King Hamlet, Claudius married Gertrude, the queen of king Hamlet. Then he obtained the kingship. However, the prince Hamlet hadn’t known about the real incident until he returned to Denmark. Once he returned to Denmark he was shocked about the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude than his father’s death. And also he suspected the foul play of his uncle when he heard that Claudius had himself crowned. Surprisingly, his father’s ghost came to the palace and informed him about the real incident which was happened to him. He told that Claudius gave him poison and he was unable to find any salvation at that moment. However, Hamlet didn’t trust the ghost completely and he decided to find some sort of proof for this. So he organized a drama by adding the scenes which reflect the details told by the ghost. Finally he understood the reality with the reaction of Claudius. Then he decided to kill Claudius. Unfortunately, he had to pass many barriers to have his revenge. He had caused six ancillary deaths in order to get his revenge. They were Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Laertes, Gertrude and finally Claudius. Though he was able to get his revenge, unfortunately he was also died because he had already been cut from the same poisoned sword.

The literal meaning of this play is that the power can turn a human into a devil. Claudius was able to defile his own blood by killing his brother to obtain kingship. So we can question ourselves that, “Is the blood still thicker than water?” The prince Hamlet also ruined his vision and future because of his revenge. Finally this power struggle had killed seven companions including Hamlet. Neither Claudius nor Hamlet got the kingship. They killed each other to alive their wishes. At the end of the play, the power was still alive, but humanity was died.

The message given by this play is completely matched with the modern world also. Nowadays many nations as well as many countries struggle with each other to obtain power and wealth. According to my opinion this is a timely play which belongs to past, present and future.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara

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