Hi, my dear friends. It’s nice to see you all and I would like to gift you an awesome & valuable experience which makes you aware about unseen lives of the world. So, please listen my words calmly and try to have your own way for your dreams. Here we go…..  

It is about “Village by the Sea”, a very famous novel written by Anita Desai in 1982. The story of this novel tells about the challenges faced by poor families who live in the coastal area of India. The story runs around a small family that fights against poverty to survive their lives. This family consists of 6 members; Hari, Lila; elder sister of Hari, Bela & Kamal; younger sisters of Hari; mother and father. In addition to this, they have a pet dog called Pinto.

Father of this small family doesn’t look after his wife or children. He always wastes his money for toddy (Toddy means a local alcoholic drink). Mother fell ill with anemia and is getting weaker due to lack of proper treatments. Therefore there is no one to look after their children. They don’t even have a proper education, sufficient amount of food, clothing, & health facilities because of their poverty. They are suffering all the time and their eyes are covered with tears, uncertainty, misery and fear.

But, luckily there is a savior in this family. He is Hari, a 12 years boy, the main character of this story as well as only son of the family. He always tried to find a way to stand on his own feet by earning money somehow, because he wants to recover his mother from the illness as well as to give a proper education for his younger sisters.  Therefore he involved in many occupations to lift up his life as well as his family gradually.

According to my point of view, this is the turning point that converts poverty into prosperity. If Hari had begun to cry and suffer all the day without doing nothing, he wouldn’t have become rich or survive, but fortunately he didn’t give up. He always knew that there is nothing to lose and they are in the deepest stage of poverty. Therefore he stood up as a real man with confidence and positivity. This encouraged him to work at a place far away from his hometown while gaining new skills. It means he went to Bombay to earn money. Finally, he earned certain amount of money and had a great mindset to begin his own business in his village.

So, I think that you have got something valuable out of my speech and I would like to wind up my speech with the hidden message of this story, you may be born with poverty, but you can have rich goals and visions that bring you to a reasonable position in future. So always have a positive mindset or simply “can do” attitude.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara

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