As humans we need to express our ideas, attitudes, knowledge, emotions and habits to rest of the world. So we directly meet other people and express those using our five senses as usual. It is a 100% practical method to identify the quality of the audience and their real expectations towards us. This gives us real feedback about our emotions, attitudes and so on. We can feel or see the response of others in front of us. Finally this is called physical interaction.

As a conclusion physical interaction or simply face to face interaction has been shifted away reasonably with the development of technological interaction. With the introduction of digital ways of communication, internet, email and latterly social media, the digital interaction became a vital method of human interaction as it provides many advantages such as convenience, economical and the availability. We can connect or interact with anyone in the world within a few seconds using digital sources. So why are we going here and there to meet others? We can fulfill same requirement of physical interaction using digital sources. This is the common attitude of most of the people in the world.

Can you feel someone using digital media? Can you smell the quality of someone using digital media? The answer is always no. So this is the worst part of the digital interaction. As example: in a family, can a child feel the love, affection and care of family members without interacting physically? No. The real human bonds and the humanity will be vanished in future with the digital addiction.

We need to balance both methods for better and convenient communication. It means we should use correct method for the right purpose. As example: If you want to express your ideas or give messages to others, you can use email or social media. It saves your time and money. If you want to feel, love or care someone, you must meet him/her for that. It may spend more money and time but it has an inspirational value which store values in our hearts. This can`t be buy from any shop or from anyone.

Finally, don`t judge everything economically. Allow your heart and brain together to make interactions. This will reduce the worst part of digital interaction and establish a better platform for physical interaction.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara

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