Family is the smallest unit of the society. It includes father, mother, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa and so on. In the modern world, the family is limited to father, mother and son or daughter. The hidden values or the meanings of family which are not clearly identified by the modern society are love, affection, sharing, caring, guidance and living mutually.

According to preachings of the Lord Buddha mothers & fathers are known as “Brahmma” as they are qualified with four special qualities called “Meththa, Karuna, Muditha & Upekka as well as they are the first masters of our lives. The family teaches us how to eat, how to drink, how to sleep, how to behave, how to think, how to identify good & bad and more. So the foundation of someone`s life is his or her family.

The family acts as our guardian, adviser, disciple, protector as well as our best friend. It appreciates us when we have gained something and it encourages us when we have lost something. When we are ill or in any other trouble the family cares and protects us by giving the utmost priority. So it acts as our own shadow.

Unfortunately, the real values of family have been disappeared from the modern society, because the modern society is money oriented and try to measure everything using money without considering human & social values. Can we measure or buy the values of family with money? Can we price the mutual bond between family members? If you analyze the evolution of family by the deep of your heart, your heart will ask you back where is the family which I`m searching for. Try to be a family member who has above mentioned qualities. Then you will find the answer.

One day the whole world might be your enemy but not your family.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara (15-04-2017)

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