Would you believe that two digits have conquered the whole world within few decades? It is “0” and “1” or the beginning of the digital era which gave lives to circuits made up of plastics & metals. Unfortunately the digital era made us to forget that we are humans. So the main objective of this paper is to rehabilitate humans to be as humans. The terms such as Internet, mobile phones, email, e-commerce & social media have been introduced with the development of digital technology. In modern world those are vital to live in the world. Can you imagine a single day without TV, mobile, laptop, social media or any mode of digital communication? Most will become unconscious if they have been kept separately from the digital environment. Why is that? Can we call it as addiction? No. It is somewhat beyond that. Simply call slavery. Earlier we have controlled it but now it has become our master. The digital thief has stolen our memory & thinking power by keeping our stuff within his memory. The worst part is, if we want to think he can do it on behalf of us. So why are we getting tired by thinking & memorizing. Our digital friend guides us to make decisions, maintains our interests & hobbies, keeps our databases, provides us an entertainment and more & more. If I ask, are you satisfied with it? You will definitely say “yes”, because you feel that you are not alone, you feel more convenience & you think that everything can be solved from it. 

As humans we have five senses to see, to listen, to feel, to taste & to smell the world. If we allow the digital system to do this for us without limitations, there is no difference between us and robots. Fortunately we still have a chance to escape, because the digital system is not capable enough to match our human senses completely, but in future we will definitely find a solution for that loophole also. After that there won’t be a word call “humans”. Love, affection, caring, sharing, friendship & faith are the immeasurable qualities of humans. “0” & “1” will never achieve that level. So feel the humanity without being digital slaves. It is true that the digital environment has helped me to communicate this message to you, but remember that we are the ones who have given birth to digital. So it is our duty to make use of it for our betterment within the limitations.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara (27-05-2017)

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