Before beginning this useless or somewhat useful topic, I would like to declare that this paper is not an instrument which criticizes any party, ethnic group or any government. This is my sole opinion about modern politics of Sri Lanka.

Politics, one of the famous games in Sri Lanka that always expect the victory of politicians, not citizens.  There are 225 top level players who represent the country nationally & internationally and they are elected through a selection test called “election”. In addition to main players, there are provincial and divisional players too. Hey, don’t laugh or ignore this as a freak. This is the thinking pattern of many politicians and their supporters. You are just a spectator.

The selection procedure of top level players is completely different from all other sectors, industries and countries. Let’s differentiate those qualifications, steps and skills one by one. For regular citizens, they need to pass O/L, A/L and some other examinations in order to have even a low position in a private or government sector. Accordingly, you may go wrong by thinking that a politician should achieve Master’s or PhD level to elect as a national & international representative, but fortunately (if you wish you may add the prefix “un”), if someone has money, supporters and power, he can elect as a public representative; no matter about his skills and qualifications.

However, higher percentage of citizens likes that selecting procedure. So there is no point of arguing about it. The most interesting part is the segregation of positions in the game (May called ministries). Now please imagine the game “cricket”. There are batsmen, bowlers, fielders, all-rounders and umpires. Then compare the positions with the game “politics”. In politics, there are players who do both batting and umpiring within the same game (Segregation of ministries & departments). Some players act as spectators by doing nothing. Most of them batting & balling themselves. The wonderful or mind blowing incident is that some move to opposing team any play for them. In this game, players are the ones who set rules and regulations and they are allowed to breach any as they wish.

Now please think about spectators. Who are they? They are the citizens in this country including you & me. According to modern concepts of this game, our duty is to say “hurray” and fighting against opposing spectators. It is useless to wait until the end of the game, because there will be neither winners nor losers. Oh! Then, what is the purpose of this game if there is no winner or loser?

The reality is; they are just performers who always follow their own scripts to grab our money, time and attention. The real game is not among them. It is politicians VS spectators, but spectators do not know that they are the opposing team and they always expect a win from them instead of winning as a nation. Finally I would like to make a hint that, spectators can’t win the game until they realize that they are the real losers of this game. Thank you.

KWD Sandun Sirikumara (4/7/2018)

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